Apr 29

Noelle en rouge et noir, et en acrylique et en pastel...

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Continué, en fait les deux derniers jours, hier et avant-hier, cette acrylique de Noelle...ce soir? vous verrez demain, mais Noelle est passée...non pas le boxing day, mais elle reviendra, pas l'année prochaine, mais quelques jours, semaines tout au plus...

Kept going on this acrylic of Noelle, in fact kept going yesterday and the day before, tonight, well you'll see tomorrow, but Noelle has passed...not the so called boxing day, ....until next year, no, in a few days or weeks

Le jour d'avant...The day before....

Commencé cette journée avec le pastel de Noelle, non on est pas rendu à Noël encore....quoique qu,il porte aussi des bottes, et vêtu de rouge et noir, et blanc...mais même s'il est réputé bien gentil, il n'est pas aussi sexy que Noelle...donc terniné la journée en retravaillant le tableau de Noelle mais à l'acrylique...voilà où il en est...la suite demain...ou jeudi...


As I said yesterday, started with the pastel, even before breakfast, and then move to the acrylic painting, of Noelle, Noelle in french sounds like Noël, Chistmas....sounds like, they do have similarities...both character involved in these two, they like red, black and boots, sounds like but cannot say look like although, so since were not yet to Christmas....pffioouuuu....let's get back to this painting, so here's where it was standing 2 days ago....'la suite' ? tomorrow or thursday, but definitely before Christmas....

Plus d'infos/More on these....http://www.jmr-art.com/blog.html

Apr 26

The Art of Mr. Dark's Mayhem

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The Following summary describes the property of Mr. Dark's Mayhem.

The Art of Mr. Dark's Mayhem

Ladies and gentlemen;
Welcome to my second blog of Mr. Dark’s Mayhem. I'm still new around the neighborhood. Here is where I post samples of my artwork. I mean, what can I say, I love erotic horror art. So, on the following websites: Fine Art America, Art Flakes, Shadowness, and Artbreak.  I have uploaded samples of the following works.

In one folder, labeled Mr. Dark's Cool Fan Art, you'll find artwork which features Blood Rayne, her co-star Ephemera, and one drawing of Disney's own sexy female spy; Kim Possible. That’s: http://shadowness.com/MrDark77/mr-dark--s-fan-art

In my second folder, you find several of my nice self-portraits-as well as a few photos of some friends. That’s:


And, here is the best past, in my main folder, is my very own pride and joy. That's right, you'll notice samples of artwork which has now been integrated as illustration for my own erotic horror book series, titled; Crimson Lust. My Crimson Lust artwork consists of beautiful female vampires. I also have a few drawings of a few female lycans.

Now, I have posted some rules that all visitors must abide by. Enjoy your visit.

Mr-Dark77. It is where public notice of my work begins. For the first time in horror art and Entertainment I would like to present you all with a preview of some new faces in horror. Here is where female vampire and female Lycan beauty rule over all else. Here is also where I myself am the new master of Horror.

The drawings that I have displayed here on my Art Flakes account. Art Flakes is a German art website. I love it.

That's: http://www.artflakes.com/en/profile/member/sets. They are soon to be integrated as illustration for my coming book. Some artists who have been viewing my gallery have already been well acquainted with Sheila and Zoe who are the leading twin ladies of my first volume of the series. They, along with other lesbian vampire characters are not your average femme fatales or girls next door. There are also several Lycans characters, both male and female in my story line, are allies of these undead beauties.

My first volume takes place in modern day New York City. All of the lovely female vampires who are featured for my book all consists of: American, English, Scottish, Russian, German, Irish, French, Japanese, Puerto Rican, and Italian.

As the founder of Mr. Dark's Mayhem and creator of my book series titled, Crimson Lust, I would like to inform you that the project is nearing completion. The drawings are all anime styled and the girls are all vampire characters are Gothicized. There is absolutely a zero tolerance policy against immaturity and art thieves.

My first volume shall be published within several months. In the meantime enjoy viewing my work. Just to advise you to please be sure to abide to the rules which coincide with all three of my DA accounts: Mr-Dark77, todenkoff, and Genera-Sinner.

My Crimson Lust Folder, as you can also see here in my Shadowness page. That’s:

 Very shortly, Project: Crimson Lust shall have its own separate website, so what out for it. I can't reveal too many details of the project prior to the first book being published; don't wanna spoil the surprise for you fellow horror fans. However, the drawings are here for preview at any leisure.


Apr 21

The Sparrow Comic

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My current work in progress is a manga styled comic that I plan to self publish. I am hoping all goes well but I've run it by a few people and they are ecstatic about it. I won't share to much just yet but I hope to post some progress snap shots next update.

Apr 20

Hello There!

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I'm new and finding my way but I really hope this place is as good as it says it is. So far everyone here seems to have so much talent and most of those I have come across are really nice. I hope things will go well and I hope to enjoy myself here. This is just the place I need for my projects.

Apr 20

Art of Djordje Prudnikov

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Djordje Prudnikov is an artistic flower brought in life by a Serbian woman and a Russian man after he escaped from his country due to political and militar revolution that took place those times in Russia.

He was born on April 19th 1939 in Uzice. Djordje is a marvellous painter and designer, winning many awards, participating in great competitions, cooperating with grand names of art and having several exhibitions for a lifetime.

His portfolio includes portraits, beautiful scenes of daily life and many landscapes.




Gallery 1








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