Mar 30

Industrial Light Installations by Liquid Lights

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Liquid Lights are custom built, industrial designed light installations that experiment with the fusion of art, function and environmental consciousness.Liquid Lights create a visual reminder of the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource.

LED Lights, recycled plumbing and hardware, hand sculpted glass drops and found objects are incorporated to contribute to the zero footprint movement in the form of Liquid Light.

Liquid Lights are an expression of Tanya Clarke's present and upbringing environment.Tanya was raised in Ottawa,Canada.She is the daughter of leading political and environmental activist Tony Clarke, author of ten books.




The Standing






Mar 30

Photography of Jeannette Woitzik

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Jeannette Woitzik  is a 40-years old photographer who lives in Berlin, Germany. She recently started to manipulate her shots giving them a special taste of surrealism and fantasy.Most of her images contain an unearthly atmosphere and sometimes this served to express her feelings.

Dreamy, romantic, kind, magical …. You can pick up a huge number of such epithets while viewing these artworks and you will be right. Each of her work gives a good mood and force you to believe in magic. Following the story of red balloons, these floating decorations take the viewer on the journey through several picturesque scenes.

Jeanette has given many interesting Interviews and winning a several number of Awards.










Mar 29

Presentation of Taranta Creations

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Taranta Creations is an international architectural practice founded in 2007 by Enrico Taranta. The office is located within the Red Town Sculpture Park in Shanghai China. This melting pot of creative industries, ranging from artworks to libraries, forms the perfect background for the office design process.

The office operates within the fields of architecture, urban planning, art and interior design. With finished projects as the Shanghai Expo Tea pavilions and recent designs commissions like a hotel design in the Beijing bird nest stadium, the office is establishing itself more and more in China. In their designs they combine traditional program and location with avant gard computer produced shapes. In 2010 Juriaan Calis and Giorgio Radojkovic joined the office as principal designers and Max Lai become responsible for managing the office.

Their works have been published by international renowned press and leading design weblogs. Enrico Taranta and his team are regularly invited to participate in public lectures and debates.






Their fields in Architecture are : Cultural, Landscape, Residential, Skyscrapers, Offices, Hotels, Health, Education, Pavillions, Public/Leisure and Industry.We are showing here a project of any Field.Visit their site for all Taranta Creations's Projects. 




Enzo Ferrari Museum

Mar 28

Ethereal Nature Photography of Alexandre Deschaumes

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Alexandre Deschaumes  is a self taught french photographer who succeeds in sublimating the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The artist captures the magnificent beauty of ethereal landscapes by exploring trough the manipulation of light and shadow the reflections of his emotional state.

His work shows his personal vision of nature through photography. It’s a sort of abstract study of evocative and evolving atmospheres.

Most beautiful captures seem to comes out from an unspeakable, floating feeling. It comes when his soul is disconnected from reality. It comes with a strange inner pain and with the desire to behold a sort of hope.




Ethereal Nature - Evocative Collection 1


A path towards the sky



Within the Realm of A Dying Sun

Mar 27

Discover The Bahamas in 250+ stunning photographs...

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242Digital.Com wants to promote The Bahamas


Currently working on an artistic project which will feature 250+ pictures from all around The Bahamas.


The main objective is to promote all the islands of The Bahamas in an eBook that will be promoted virally with free distribution done via Bahamian and international websites as well as social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


You'll find more details here:


We're targeting a few sponsors to be a part of this project. If you would like to be one of the few being invited to advertise your business/company in this eBook, please feel free to contact us.



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