Mar 26

The Magic Realism of Paul Bond

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Paul David Bond Pesqueira, is an artist from Guadalajara, Mexico and now resides in San Clemente, CA.

The award-winning magic realism art of Paul Bond has been featured in galleries, museums and cultural centers, including Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla, CA, the Gateway Museum in Farmington, NM, the Magidson Gallery in Aspen, CO, and the San Diego Art Institute. His paintings are in many private and corporate collections, including the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA, and PB&J Restaurants in Wichita, KS, and his art is featured in contemporary art publications and related products.

Bond shares the following about his work: “ Altering and juxtaposing familiar objects gives me the visual symbols which become the language I use to reflect an emotion or thought that I’m entertaining at the moment. The physical world to me is a heartbreakingly beautiful and profoundly mysterious experience. I am often overwhelmed with awe, and translating that into art is my way of acknowledging and digesting this great mystery that is life on earth.”




Manifestations of a Lucid Dream


The Waterhouse

the waterhouse

Mar 25

The Artworld of Christian Tagliavini

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Christian is a Swiss-Italian, born in 1971, educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as an graphic designer and a photographer.
This provides him the perfect frame and background to invent, create and totally produce images that blend fine arts and craftsmanship.

Christian loves designing stories with open endings (requiring observer’s complicity) on unexplored themes or unusual concepts, featuring uncommon people with their lives and their thoughts made visible. This rich and exciting collision of circumstances results in photos as a final product.



Aspettando Freud







Mar 24

The Designer Peter Nebengaus

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Peter Nebengaus, a German jewelry designer, produces hand-made porcelain wares, each of them being unique and therefore so alluring. The master’s fingerprint is in the unique combination of porcelain manufacture and the art of jewelry. While designing the wares, the technique of gold and platinum plating is employed.

The master’s works are inlaid with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds.
Peter Nebengaus produces designer collections, as well as individual designer wares made to order.

Since 1995 in Berlin, Peter Nebengaus has been restoring antique porcelain wares of the world-famous European factories.In early 2009, Peter Nebengaus gave up restoring and started developing and producing designer porcelain wares under the PETER NEBENGAUS COLLECTION brand.

Interior jewelry from Peter Nebengaus Collection opens the new classical era of German porcelain. His works accompany a certain lifestyle where aristocratic traditions harmoniously combine with modern design. The main purchasers of interior wares are private collectors, businesspeople, and politicians.




Gallery 1


gallery 1


gallery 1


gallery 1

Mar 22

Artworld of Rob Hefferan

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Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist from Warrington,Cheshire,UK.

His work not only captures the unique character and warmth of each subject, but transcends form to suggest the living, breathing essence of the individual.Working predominately with oils and acrylics, Rob's work is both eminently understandable and intensely familiar.Colour, light and texture harmonise intelligently and with stunning candour to produce works that resonate with vibrant life.

Rob's figurative pieces are beautifully balanced.You will immediately respond to the luminosity and poignant intricacy of each portrait, where the presence of the subject provokes a deep reaction.

His fields are Painting, Drawing, Portrait and Commercial Illustration.








Mar 20

Illustration of Selena Wong

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Selena Wong is an illustrator and artist, born in Hong Kong under the sign of the twins. Like the urban environment of her place of birth, Selena’s work reflects the petit surroundings, the places tucked away, forgotten, and removed from reality.

Interested in superstition, folklore and the fantastical, Selena's meticulously detailed translations of her daydreams and nightmares are both playful and disturbing. She currently works and lives in Toronto with her Netherland dwarf rabbit.

Selena has won many great awards and participated in several art group exhibitions.Also,you could find her beautiful bibliography in which she is writing her fantasies and imaginations.






Illustration for PLANSPONSOR Magazine April 2010



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