Mar 28

Ethereal Nature Photography of Alexandre Deschaumes

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Alexandre Deschaumes  is a self taught french photographer who succeeds in sublimating the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The artist captures the magnificent beauty of ethereal landscapes by exploring trough the manipulation of light and shadow the reflections of his emotional state.

His work shows his personal vision of nature through photography. It’s a sort of abstract study of evocative and evolving atmospheres.

Most beautiful captures seem to comes out from an unspeakable, floating feeling. It comes when his soul is disconnected from reality. It comes with a strange inner pain and with the desire to behold a sort of hope.




Ethereal Nature - Evocative Collection 1


A path towards the sky



Within the Realm of A Dying Sun

Mar 27

Discover The Bahamas in 250+ stunning photographs...

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242Digital.Com wants to promote The Bahamas


Currently working on an artistic project which will feature 250+ pictures from all around The Bahamas.


The main objective is to promote all the islands of The Bahamas in an eBook that will be promoted virally with free distribution done via Bahamian and international websites as well as social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


You'll find more details here:


We're targeting a few sponsors to be a part of this project. If you would like to be one of the few being invited to advertise your business/company in this eBook, please feel free to contact us.



Mar 27

Be Part Of The Lomography Community

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What is Lomography?

Lomography is the newest craze of today in terms of taking shots. There was a time when everybody desired to have their very own SLR cameras because of the premium of its photos but things change so fast considering that lomo cameras are what individuals want.

You will discover so many reasons why people want to get a lomography camera. With the SLR, it is possible to adjust the photographic camera to get really clear and beautiful shots with high quality. This makes the images really clear but one challenge is that you need to have a lot of experience to be capable to take the types of pictures that you want.

When it comes to lomography, all these rules are forgotten because the principles in lomography are distinct compared to the principles of taking photographs. In lomography, the funkier the picture, the more people appreciate it. It is like art where even if most people do not understand it, there are a few who find it as by far the most wonderful thing that has ever been published. The craze is also considered ironic because of how people went back from aspiring to take the clearest of pictures to taking distorted pictures with weird effects.

The outcome of the picture when you use a lomography camera depends on the type of lomography camera that you have. There are lots of different kinds of lomography cameras that have been created since the product gained fame and there are also lenses that have been made for varying results. The range of effects with this camera varies greatly because there are countless products on the market that has different effects. A lomography camera is made for the purpose of taking a picture that is totally different and it has served as a way for people to stand out from the group of people who are obsessed with high fidelity photos.

Despite the fact that the lomography craze is totally different, it has caught the curiosity of many individuals because of the cool shots that can be made with the camera. There are fisheye lenses that make the subject look bigger than it normally is, different colors because of the lens of the camera, and the lack of focus when it comes to the subjects. The thing about vintage camera is that no matter how imperfect a picture is compared to an SLR camera, there is still beauty which can be observed on the pictures and lomography enthusiasts appreciates these images.

There is a group of people who share their lomographies via the internet. They post most of the pictures that they take and show it to the people who are also fond of lomography. There is also a magazine for these people where the very best shots are printed. Lomography has its own set of rules and these rules are very straightforward and any person who knows how to use a camera can start his or her personal lomography weblog. The magic formula in lomography is taking as much photos as you can so that you can have a lot to share on the lomography community.

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Mar 27

The Special Photographer Ilian Iliev

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Ilian is a food photographer from Manchester,United Kingdom.

He began his career in photography as a news photographer before moving to London and beginning a career in commercial photography. After a stint assisting several advertising photographers, Ilian went on to develop his own unique style, balancing commercial appeal with an acutely artistic eye. Ilian now has over 10 year’s experience working in studio and location settings specialising in food and drink, still life and product photography. A passionate and talented cook himself, the enjoyment Ilian takes from food and drink shines through in his images.

He has exhibited all over Europe and been Awarded Advertising Photographer of the Year two years running, he has been at he top of his profession for some time now. However, since images speak louder than words let's have a look in his projects.






sweet 1


sweet 1


Mar 26

The Magic Realism of Paul Bond

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Paul David Bond Pesqueira, is an artist from Guadalajara, Mexico and now resides in San Clemente, CA.

The award-winning magic realism art of Paul Bond has been featured in galleries, museums and cultural centers, including Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in La Jolla, CA, the Gateway Museum in Farmington, NM, the Magidson Gallery in Aspen, CO, and the San Diego Art Institute. His paintings are in many private and corporate collections, including the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA, and PB&J Restaurants in Wichita, KS, and his art is featured in contemporary art publications and related products.

Bond shares the following about his work: “ Altering and juxtaposing familiar objects gives me the visual symbols which become the language I use to reflect an emotion or thought that I’m entertaining at the moment. The physical world to me is a heartbreakingly beautiful and profoundly mysterious experience. I am often overwhelmed with awe, and translating that into art is my way of acknowledging and digesting this great mystery that is life on earth.”




Manifestations of a Lucid Dream


The Waterhouse

the waterhouse

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